I fail to comprehend people's willingness to put children through getting COVID. Adults are supposed to make decisions to protect those who cannot protect themselves. How many children will get COVID? Doctors say more than 10% of COVID-19 survivors will experience lingering symptoms, including young kids.

How many will get the rare disease children are getting as a side effect of getting COVID?

MIS-C is a rare complication of COVID-19, but it can be dangerous. The symptoms can overlap with infections and other illnesses. Kids showing symptoms should be seen by a doctor. MIS-C usually affects school-age children, most commonly 8- and 9-year-olds, but the syndrome also has been seen in infants and young adults

How many children will live their lives with a lifelong disability as a result of having COVID? (Or how many children will live their lives having to care for a parent or sibling with a lifelong disability as a result of having COVID)?

A Tsunami of Disability Is Coming as a Result of ‘Long COVID’
We need to plan for a future where millions of survivors are chronically ill

It is truly incomprehensible how people believe this is okay. Getting vaccinated is the best way to keep children (and adults) from serious COVID illness, hospitalization, and death.

Making a public health crisis a political issue based on "freedumb" is one of the most destructive things Trump and all of the conspiracy theorist nut jobs has done to this country. We don't need to be attacked by another country or go to war, we have already murdered nearly one million Americans and who knows how many more will die? The stupidity is truly stupefying.

We are going to have an entire generation of children who were traumatized by this pandemic, but not for all the bullshit reasons everyone keeps bleating on about. More children in this country have had a parent (or both parents) die from COVID and more children who have had COVID in this country are experiencing long term side effects.

This is something one would expect from Florida and Texas where leadership is hell bent on killing as many people as possible (and where countless teachers and school staff have already died). Way to go Oregon, following the lead of the worst of the worst!!!


Get You appear to be projecting a lot of internal fear and projection. Freedom of choice is basic. Body autonomy = basic rights. Understand yet ? Mind your own health and business and move on....go do some real research you understand big Pharma, collusion and corruption at the governmental level, then you'll be on your way to understanding why you fell for this PLANdemic : )


CORRECTION " A Tsunami of Disability Is Coming as a Result of THE VACCINE " !


There is no freedom of choice when it comes to public health. It was true in 1905 when the Supreme Court ruled that state mandates for vaccination for smallpox were legal and could not be refused by idiots who wanted to spread disease then and it's not a choice now. The fact that so many fucktards have made it seem like there is freedumb to sicken and kill others is why this country is one of the dumbest, most hate filled, violent, and stupid in the world. And yet it continues to pretend it is some great country that is exceptional. The only thing exceptional about this country anymore is it's willingness to destroy itself by any and all means necessary.

Trump and his regime committed — or at least condoned — mass murder. America just doesn't care

It's clearer than ever that Trump used mass death as a political weapon. Do Americans now think that's normal?

Donald Trump is the most successful bio-terrorist in human history. This is not an accident.


Did The Pandemic Just Reveal How Dumb Americans Are?

Americans brought this situation upon themselves and years of ineptitude, callousness, racism and disdain for science-backed sources have led to a nation that is so insistent on protecting individualism that it is willing to let thousands die to protect some vague idea of ‘freedom’ and capitalism.

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