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Commemorative versions of this Vera Wang-designed shirt will soon be on sale at Zumiez stores across the country.
Commemorative versions of this Vera Wang-designed shirt will soon be on sale at Zumiez stores across the country. Lintao Zhang / Getty Images

Good afternoon, Portland! If there's news out there unrelated to Nathan Chen winning a gold medal, I won't touch it. WHAT? I HAVE TO BECAUSE IT'S MY JOB? FINE.

• Today the National Weather Service announced that the all-time Oregon maximum temperature of 119 degrees, which was recorded this summer, has officially tied the previous record of 119 degrees on July 29, 1898.

• It's so hard to get turned on to local music these days. Thank goodness for Jenni Moore's Hear in Portland column. Moore has you covered if you're feeling ready for a live show or just looking to shake it from the couch.

• The Timbers have fired midfielder Andy Polo in response to Polo's former partner alleging abuse against her and the couple's children. Major League Soccer announced it was investigating allegations yesterday.

• The signs that Portland has shifted over to an entirely bounty hunter-based justice system are becoming increasingly evident as the Portland Pickles lost mascot uniform saga now involves a list of rewards from local businesses.

• In other "be suspicious of your fellow man" news: KGW put out the call for someone who wore an Eiffel Tower t-shirt two weeks ago! The shirt is likely coming back into their laundry rotation again soon, so keep an eye out.


• Nathan Chen won the Olympic gold medal in figure skating at the 2022 Winter Olympics. While it is still unclear if winning the gold in a costume that is essentially a long sleeve shirt is a victory for figure skaters who want to compete in athletic wear or a loss for all the Olympians hoping that sequins and feathers will migrate over to other competition uniforms, his father and I are quite proud.

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• Lastly, complex emotions only mean that you are a person capable of complex thought and enjoying things while feeling conflicted is still enjoyment.

@kallenwachi the only time im proud of my bkue passport #teamusa #nathanchen #olympics2022 ♬ TRUMP LOST STAY MAD - 🧿 shan 🧿