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Good morning, Portland! A few things to celebrate today: It's Oregon's 163rd birthday! Happy birthday, you wild old gal! It's Valentine's Day! If you've only just remembered this and forgot to get something for your sweetie, don't fret. Send them a FREE Mercury Reader Valentine! And, lastly, this important headline: “The Thing About to Crash Into The Moon May Not Be a SpaceX Rocket After All”! Whew, it's just a piece of a Chinese rocket. Now, the news:

- We’ve heard rumors for months that Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office has been scheming to stuff unhoused Portlanders into mass shelters, but now we have the proof to back it up. On Friday, the Oregonian got its hands on a memo sent from Wheeler aide (and former mayor) Sam Adams outlining his plan to force homeless residents into massive shelters run by the National Guard. I’m pretty sure this is outright illegal. What a fun and innovative city we live in!

- Here’s how Portland officials answered questions about the dangerous levels of lead in some Portland homes during a town hall public meeting last week.

- Portland's currently considering making adjustments to its city charter that would change the city's current form of government. To understand how the decision could impact city council and the community it governs, we looked to cities that already made the switch for answers.

- Check out this OPB feature on a new walking tour, where Black teens and young adults from Portland and Vancouver share stories about their neighborhoods to attendees.

- Make time for this hilarity today:

- A plan to open a massive facility for horse race gambling in Grants Pass has been overturned by the Oregon Department of Justice. The DOJ determined that the proposed facility would meet the definition of a casino, which is strictly barred from non-tribal lands. This is a big bummer for the CEO of Dutch Bros, who poured tens of thousands of dollars into the project. (Hot tip from me: Maybe he should invest in making coffee that’s not just sugary fuel for college freshmen on finals week instead).

- US speed skater Erin Jackson won a gold medal Sunday, becoming the first Black woman to win a medal in speed skating at a winter Olympics. Also, get this: Jackson has only been ice skating for a chill six years. SIX YEARS. If this realization inspires you to take up a new sport late in life, you’re contractually required to give me your Olympic medal in six years.

- The Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 in the Super Bowl played on their home field Sunday. More importantly, Gen X-ers had a collective freakout when Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar took the stage for the game’s halftime show. It personally reminded me of deeply uncomfortable 8th grade dances. Thanks, sports!

- Meanwhile, Martha Stewart posted a modern-day equivalent of a Renaissance painting from the stands during the game:

- After six days, Canadian police have disassembled a protest blocking the border bridge between Detroit and the city of Windsor, Ontario. The protest was just one of many taking place across Canada in opposition of COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other related restrictions. From the looks of it, their protest has changed nothing.

- On the perceived precipice of a war with Ukraine, Russian leaders say there is still room for negotiation. Ukraine leaders, however, remain committed to joining NATO—which is Russia's biggest sticking point. Here's where things tenuously stand.