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Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance has been found, 10,000 feet deep in the Antarctic Ocean.
Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance has been found, 10,000 feet deep in the Antarctic Ocean. Courtesy of Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust

Good Morning, Portland. Take my hand. We can do this together. Today we are going to close some tabs.


• The best account of the weekend's search-and-rescue mission on Mt. Hood is honestly this press release from Clackamas County Sheriff's Office. The mission attempted to rescue two climbers in the midst of 50-70 mph winds and avalanche conditions. One of the climbers had already died by the time rescuers were able to reach them, but the other made it to the hospital.

Willamette Week's Rachel Monahan surveyed candidates for the Oregon governor seat about vaccinations for public employees and students in public schools. And it seemed like some of them were sort of thinking about it for the first time.

• Ever wondered why Portland has more pop-ups and food carts than other major cities? The scintillating answer = we have more permissive permits. It's nice to read some good news from the restaurant world, thanks to the reporting of Eater PDX.

• At the end of March, MacArthur Genius theater performer Taylor Mac will use Portland as a sounding board—playing the abridged version of A 24-Decade History of Popular Music in concert with a symphony for the first time ever. And Taylor Mac is doing this with the Oregon Symphony! Previous concerts of the abridged show have involved audience reenactments and towering dick balloons, not to mention wonderful musical reimaginings of classic songs that sent critics swooning.


• Following an unconfirmed bombing of a maternity hospital, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called upon NATO to declare a no-fly zone above Ukraine. "Close the sky right now! Stop the killings! You have power but you seem to be losing humanity," Zelensky said. While that particular maternity hospital's bombing is unconfirmed, it's honestly not the first maternity hospital the Russians have bombed.

• COVID deaths in the United States are approaching a one million milestone. In Congress, Democrats are trying to establish a COVID pandemic memorial day.

• If there is any respite from the flaming news of the day, perhaps it lays 10,000 feet beneath the ocean waves. No, not in Portland's kingdom of bloodthirsty mer-people, but in the wreckage of Endurance, Ernest Shackleton’s ship that sank in the Antarctic in 1915.

• Feeling thirsty? Then get ready for the boozy fun of the Mercury’s HIGHBALL—a week of specialty cocktails mixed by the city’s best bartenders… and for only $6 each! Coming at ya March 14!

• To paraphrase Beyoncé, if you liked it then you would have given me a super cute, glimmering snake to wear on my finger.