The only thing better than eviscerating squirrels? Reading all these great Mercury articles!
"The only thing better than eviscerating squirrels? Reading all these great Mercury articles!" SeventyFour / iStock /Getty Images Plus

Whooo! You're a BUSY BEE. Look, it's completely understandable that since you've been SO busy, you may have missed some of the great reporting and stories the Mercury churned out this week! So while you're lounging about this weekend, catch up on the knowledge you need by reading some of these A+++ Mercury articles! (PRO TIP: If you despise being "the last to know," then be one of the first to know by signing up for Mercury newsletters! All the latest stories shipped directly to your email's in-box... and then... YOUR HEAD.)

• Oregon Will Stop Taking Applications for Rent Assistance on March 14
Oregon will close its online application portal for rent assistance next week on March 14. In other words, if you need help paying rent—apply ASAP.

Alex Zielinski

• What Was Accomplished (and What Wasn't) in Oregon's 2022 Legislative Session
A handy look back on what happened (and what... didn't) during Oregon's 2022 legislative session:


• Hear in Portland: Sunday Sessions Returns to Rontoms, Exciting Hip-Hop Collabs, and—Holy Shit—the Blues Fest Lineup Looks Good
In Jenni Moore's Hear in Portland column this week: Rontom's Sunday Series of shows returns with bangers Brown Calculus, sincere love for the new Oregon Women’s Basketball Anthem—it's by Wynne!— and the Waterfront Blues Festival steps up their game.


• Northwest Film Center Takes On a New Name, Vision, and Very Mysterious Future
No one should be surprised that Isabella Rossellini had the best explanation of what Cinema Unbound and the Portland Art Museum's newly renamed Center for an Untold Tomorrow (PAM CUT!) are actually about.


• Never Follow a Portland Meet-Cute to a Cottage Grove Location and Other Dating Lessons We Learned From Fresh
Fresh is an unsettling and effective debut feature from director Mimi Cave that will strike a chord with many—and not just the traditionally aggrieved straight-dating women of Portland.

Sundance Institute

• Healthcare Workers Demand OHSU Address Racial Discrimination at Richmond Clinic
Employees at OHSU’s Richmond Clinic demanded the university hire a third party consultant to address the clinic’s alleged discriminatory and racist work environment.

Isabella Garcia

• Savage Love: Lay Misérables 
A woman grieving the passing of her former love wants to know: Is it okay to masturbate to this memory? Dan Savage has the kind words this person needs in this week's SAVAGE LOVE.

Joe Newton

• POP QUIZ PDX: Featuring This Week's Theme "What the Fuck is THAT???"
If you ever look at something and yell, "What the fawk is that?!?" Then you'll enjoy this week's POP QUIZ PDX trivia theme: "What the FAWK is that?!?" (Plus a bonus Rorschach test!)


• Whole Lotta Portlanders Nominated for the 2022 Oregon Book Awards—Here Are the Finalists
For those of you who read competitively, you may commence licking your page-turners. Literary Arts has announced the 2022 Portland Book Awards finalists, and the crop is looking mighty.


• The Multi-Dimensional NORR Kitchen Has Origins in a Production Studio
The minds behind the new NORR Kitchen wanted to create a restaurant that "feels like an escape from the city, and unlike anything else in it." Find out how they did it with this profile/review from Janey Wong.


• Eye of the Tiger: Portland’s Art Communities Claw Their Way Back
The Mercury's Spring Arts Preview is an annual opportunity to present our city’s wonders and spread the word about wonders to come. We are here to PUMP *clap* YOU UP, Portland.


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