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Ukrainian President Zelenskyy speaking before Congress today.
Ukrainian President Zelenskyy speaking before Congress today. Pool / Getty Images

GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! Your St. Paddy's Day weather report: Mostly blarney tomorrow with a possible chance of scattered shillelaghs. (That is all the Irish words I know. OH! "BEGORRAH!")


• It's a messy mess down in the Portland Clean Energy Fund-land: After they gave a $11.5 million green energy grant to nonprofit Diversifying Energy, an Oregonian report cast doubt on the experience of its director, Linda Woodley, and the PCEF yoinked back the grant. In response, Woodley is suing the city of Portland for defamation. Oh, what a tangled web we weave... but don't worry, our Isabella Garcia dissects the drama for you.

• Get ready to get mad: The Oregon secretary of state’s office is investigating a 99-year-old tax policy—which apparently has NEVER been audited—and surprise! It benefits white, rich landowners while screwing over low-income people of color. (And if Secretary of State Fagan hadn't looked into it, it probably would've kept screwing over folks for another 100 years.)

• While the pandemic is certainly not over, and we should continue protecting the immunocompromised folks around us, there is some heartening COVID news: Oregon now ranks as the second lowest among states in the number of cases per capita. That said, on Tuesday we passed the 700,000 confirmed cases mark since the start of the pandemic... so stay vigilant.

• I don't believe I ordered this:

• The beloved pop-up and farmer's market staple Rangoon Bistro finally has their own brick-and-mortar, and our Janey Wong visited, talked with the creators, and sampled that delicious Burmese food. (Lucky duck.) Check out her review!


• After Ukrainian president President Volodymyr Zelenskyy passionately spoke before the US Congress today, President Biden announced he will be sending an additional $800 million in weaponry and aid to the beleaguered country. Meanwhile Ukraine is now launching counterattacks on their oppressors near Kyiv, the country's capitol, as the Russians continue to surgically cut off cities from receiving aid, while conducting cruel bombing raids on innocent civilians.

• Not super great news: "A covid surge in Western Europe has U.S. bracing for another wave."

• Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo—who was given the boot for unethically advising his governor brother regarding sexual harassment charges—is now suing his former TV bosses for $125 million, claiming they wrongly terminated him.

• Feeling thirsty? Then get ready for the boozy fun of the Mercury’s HIGHBALL—a week of specialty cocktails mixed by the city’s best bartenders… and for only $6 each! And it's happening RIGHT NOW through March 20!

• And finally, for those of you who hate ballet because it doesn't have enough dogs in it... well, here you go: