My question (and it is an honest question), is what do Portlandlers believe a conservative government would do? The Republicans do not care about people's lives.

What would the do about the homelessness and crime?

Would they add more and more cops and create a more violent regime where homeless people are forcibly removed from the city, imprisoned (being homeless is not a crime, but all of the greed and lack of social services to those in need certainly are crimes against humanity), killed?

What would they do about the lack of housing?
What would they do about the dismal state of education that wouldn't leave all of the disenfranchised and marginalized children in a worse situation than they are already in?
What would they do about gun violence and the murder rate and the violence (especially the police enacted violence against citizens)?
What would they do about the poverty?
What would they do about the serious lack of social services?

What, exactly would they do that would make Portland better? I really want to know.
Portland is a shit show right now, but do people honestly believe a conservative regime will come in and make it all better?


they don't care much about 'Better'
they Do care about 'Under Control!'

They had a Strong Daddy
who may have Beat them
(when they 'Deserved it'!)

& if

it was 'good enough' for Them
it's Plenty Good for the Unruly

some peeps just Gotta color
Inside the lines. it's why
they're There. right?

see: Children of Men
where people Know
Their Place* it may
be a little Rough

but it's
Under Control &
therefore Such a Comfort

*see also:
peeps throwing
themselves off tall
Buildings in the back-
ground en masse: Fascism.

it don't gotta be 'Better.'

or even make sense




I can't help feel skeptical of the "findings" of this polling showing overwhelming support to change the system, 622 respondents doesn't seem like a very large sample. My gut tells me a lot of the responses are rooted in the frustrations of the day and age we're living through, with a splash of distain for our current Ted+Sam project. Given all of the loathing of our mayor, why would we want to move to system that gives the mayor even more power? I do believe some aspects of the reforms would be worth exploring (seats tied to districts, ranked choice ballots, and maybe additional seats). Insert "baby with the bathwater" cliché.


Perhaps the majority of respondents want change because they've had enough of their downtown being allowed to be trashed for months on end.


@5 Or maybe they never left the downtown while conducting the survey. Do you ever venture to the east side Higgy? Things are pretty trashed citywide, but I recognize that it's not just a Portland phenomenon. This is where 40+ years of trickledown economics, endless wars, and a pandemic has brought us. The people who push for this change never seem to show any evidence that cities that do it differently function all that more equitably or have better outcomes across the spectrum. That is unless your only metric of success is that you don't have see the results of the inequity in our society.

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