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Last one to vaccinate babies is a rotten egg.
Last one to vaccinate babies is a rotten egg. RuslanDashinsky

Good Morning, Portland! That car what was in a bioswale at NE 11th and NE Couch has been removed. What's the other NEWS?


• Today in non-profits with a track record of working and providing shelter for people in a sustainable way, philanthropist MacKenzie Scott gave the Portland metro arm Habitat for Humanity $8.5 million dollars. The Oregonian's Jayati Ramakrishnan has the details.

• Chris Gonzalez used to write theater reviews for us! It's exciting and very deserved to see he's the emerging journalist fellow at Oregon Public Broadcasting. Hell yes. Check out this web radio story about the Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood's use of traffic cones to curb violence in its parks and residential areas.

• I won't judge your desire to peep some mansions. I used to live in one (with nine other students)! The Oregonian asks and answers: What kind of homes with space can you get for $8 million or less?

• In this week's Savage Love column, LEAVE HIM. But if you won't do that, Dan Savage has some options for you: staying and enduring a sexless existence or staying and having sex with other people.

• Clocking in at $55 for five dishes, the Astral PDX takeover at Han Oak is one of the more affordable set menus we've seen within recent memory. It seems like they just want you to try their food. Suzette Smith spoke to Astral about their passion for new directions in Mexican cuisine.


• Every scrap of Buzzfeed News's legitimacy has been hard won, but last year they won a Pulitzer for exposing China's vast detainment of thousand of Muslims. Hearing that the company has bought out its top editors and cut back its longform investigative reporting department portends a very dark day for journalism.

• Moderna says it's about to ask regulators in the US and Europe to approve its baby COVID vaccine for widespread use. While Pfizer currently offers vaccination doses for school-age children there are 18 million kids under five who haven't been able to be vaccinated yet.


• Today in GOOD TECHNOLOGY BEING GOOD: Despite having locked-in syndrome—a rare condition where patients are able to see, hear, and smell, but unable to move or speak due to complete paralysis—a 36-year-old man from Germany, has requested goulash soup and beer from his family, thanks to an implant that enables him to control a keyboard with his mind.

• It's the LAST WEEKEND to stream the hilarious, sexy, and hot HUMP! Film Fest 2022! Get those tickets here!

• The rise of aro ace (aromantic asexual) visibility is so encouraging, and this video about it / attempted explainer has terrific comedic timing and deep charm.