I keep reading news blips regarding his online postings and people seemed shocked. Have any of these people visited a right-wing website? The comments there are violent and disgusting. Heck, they were even on the Oregonian comment board (when they still had it) and will sometimes pop up on Disqus. I reported MANY right-wing comments threatening violence and nothing was ever done. I'd check back a week or so later, and they remained.

These people are sick and relish in fantasies of violence and death. Let me show an example in real time... heading to Breitbart now... here's a comment from someone named "old_salty_dawg99" giving his well thought out and insightful take on due process:

"Cut off his penis send it back to the Nation he came from. Use a branding iron to stop bleed out. Toss him in a men’s prison and tell them all what he did and anything but death goes. Kill him take his punishment."

People shouldn't be shocked at Ben Smith's sick and twisted mind... he merely acted on it. There's millions of radicalized VIOLENT right-wingers out there.

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