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The Roxy in 2013
The Roxy in 2013 Courtesy of Visitor7 / Wikimedia Commons

Good Afternoon, Portland! Oh my goodness it's beautiful out. Looking for a reason to get outside? Supporting the local economy by going out for dinner would be the ALTRUISTIC thing to do.


• The end of the Roxy is the end of an era for Portland diners, especially members of the queer community who always felt safe and welcome beneath its purple-hued lighting. Eater PDX stopped by on the restaurant's last day to record some fond tales from those who showed up to pay their respects.

• If you learned the word for those landscaped ditches that prevent the darn city from flooding and want to take that pony out for a trot, then don't pass up the Mercury's super fun POP QUIZ PDX—where you can flex your newly acquired know how from this week's stories.

• The man accused of opening fire on a group of traffic safety volunteers at Normandale Park in February has been charged for his alleged crimes—a month after the shooting took place.


• Though Ukrainian forces have fiercely defended their country from Russia's invasion, they've taken a completely defensive approach to combat—UNTIL NOW. The New York Times reports that—following the destruction of a Russian ship in the Sea of Azov and military helicopters parked in the south—Ukrainians might be taking up counteroffensive tactics.

• Although this is a pro-Barry Keoghan publication, we initially felt some trepidation about the actor's appearance in this deleted scene from The Batman. There have been no good Joker representations since Heath Ledger's 2008 portrayal, and honestly, just retire the character, you cowards. But watching the clip made us curious and intrigued, which (dammit) is what Keoghan's performances always cause.

• People have wanted to slam Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP brand for years—because it's just so pretentious—, but now there's an ex-GOOPer out on the press circuit, spilling the tea about the company's toxic work culture and pointing fingers... at her own line of cleanse products. That doesn't seem hypocritical AT ALL (it does).

• It's the LAST WEEKEND to stream the hilarious, sexy, and hot HUMP! Film Fest 2022! Get those tickets here!

• Now get out there and have a homosexually audacious afternoon!

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