Ted Wheeler can get behind a 60-day recess. He'd prefer a 180-day recess though.

Or perhaps a 730-day recess? Wouldn't THAT be something?

Ted is very very good at carefully crafting recesses on the important issues facing our City.


That familiar wall is called reality. It’s time Portland wised up. Other cities that had settlement agreements with the U.S. Department of Justice used court-appointed monitors to oversee the agreements. Not Portland. This city loves to be different. Let’s have a citizen group!
If you check The O’s archives, back when the Community Oversight Advisory Board (COAB) was first selected, the Mayor and City Commissioners were already patting themselves on the back and predicting that Portland could be a national model.
The irony, of course, was that while COAB was supposed to oversee a settlement agreement regarding how police handled the mentally ill, COAB meetings were hijacked by a rabble of residents, many of whom claimed to be mentally ill. COAB members, who included a psychiatrist, a psychologist and an ER doctor (Sharon Meieran now running for county chair) could not handle this noisy crowd. Yet they were going to advise cops on how to work with the mentally ill?
OK, so COAB died. Along came another acronym – PCCEP, Portland Committee for Community-Engaged Policing. Even more members with more tribal representation except the members tended to have one thing in common – “lived experience,” specifically negative experience with the police.
While Portland has suffered a record level of homicides, metastasizing homelessness, and continues to bear scars of the 2020 riots, PCCEP got hung up on the dumbest minutiae. Case in point: That stupid training slide deck that included an old cartoon about patchouli-smelling hippies being attacked by police.
What to do: Say goodbye to PCCEP. Thank you for your service. Ask Judge Michael Simon to appoint a monitor to oversee the DOJ agreement.

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