To call this NIMBY behavior is so insulting. Do you live here? Do you spend any time here? When unchecked, the area is filled with tents - structures - that last months, or until they catch on fire or become part of a violent crime. It's not like the bike racks are meant to prevent people from "resting" for a moment, in fact, they'll probably work as a great seat to catch a smoke a rest while walking. This sidewalk has been unusable because of the compounds there. Whenever you would get near, you would be threatened. Do you remember that a little kid was shot on the same block recently? The block was previously lined with chain - where was your story then? Measures like this suck, but they are becoming necessary because the city isn't helping, and neither are articles like this one. Sure, the structure looks abandoned and is only used for parking cars, but next to it are businesses and residences filled with people that are fatigued from the constant struggle of trying to keep themselves and their property safe. If you don't already live in Old Town, why not rent a place for a few months before writing anymore commentary on the activities of residents that are just trying to a live a life that doesn't involve daily vandalism and threats of violence.


I guess we now know who installed these staples (@1), I hope they are fined and whichever contractor did the work without a permit loses their license. However, I'm pretty skeptical at the claim no one at the city was aware. They do this kinda crap every year in the weeks leading up to Rose Fest (same goes for the closure of the camp this week). It is pretty ironic though when you think back on all the battles over trying get the city to install more racks. If anything, with these being about 4' apart that would make for some pretty sweet framing. Throw a tarp over a few of those, tie it down, and you've got yourself a nice shelter!


@1 - Perfect response.




Yes to @1. No to everything else. This article is a garbage take.


Not seeing a problem here. There is still plenty of room in the camping lane.


The degree of understanding both sides of this situation exhibited by the writer is pathetic.

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