A portion of the CEI Hub along the Willamette River. Motoya Nakamura / Multnomah County



The object of any investment in this fossil fuel depot is soil stability.
Preparing for predicted earthquake damage to vulnerable fuel tank structures makes sense. Remove oldest weakest tanks, structure remaining fewer for long term stability.

Plan a depot to include hydrogen, bio-fuel, wind, sun, water.


Isabel, I like your writing, but you do not understand transportation planning. You are letting ODOT and other DOT leaders make excuses for inexcusably sub-standard engineering. Too many dedicated environments also wrongfully misled. Divest Daimler. Restructure Daimler to manufacture plug-in hybrid PHEV drivetrain instead of ready to roll long haul BEV freight trucks. Unacceptably horrendous mistake. Oh, just do it because Jeffy & Mr Lon say so?

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