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Majority of Portland Street Response Workers Condemn Commissioner Gonzalez’s Tent Ban

Portland Street Response workers have condemned Commissioner Gonzalez's ban on tent distribution, saying the ban has threatened the safety of unhoused Portlanders, further limited PSR’s agency, and disempowered outreach workers.

Portland Street Response


Hey brainy pants! 🤓 It's time for the best trivia contest in the world, POP QUIZ PDX. This week: quizzy Qs about the late, great Darcelle XV, celebs who love Portland, and our latest obsession... WOLVERINES! 😍

Getty / 20th Century Fox

Tenant Advocates Urge Oregon Legislature to Strengthen Rent Control After Record Inflation

After record-high inflation pushed Oregon’s rent increase cap to nearly 15 percent, tenant advocates are urging legislators to place stricter limits on the state’s rent control policies.



In this week's hot music column: Portugal. The Man's new track is an end-of-times dance jam, Phony Ppl soon to be fkn around Portland, and Federale's Spaghetti Western rock.


TriMet Wants to Fix its Most Unreliable Bus Line, While Making Routes Safer for Students

TriMet is proposing route changes that could improve its most unreliable bus line, while keeping Cleveland High School students away from one of Portland’s most dangerous streets.


Sam Geballe’s Beautiful Darkness

Meet this week's Mercury cover artist, Sam Geballe, and don't miss their amazing, evocative photography exhibit showing through this weekend at Blue Sky Gallery that documents body image, trauma, and healing.

Sam Geballe


Dig in, trash pandas! 🦝 Let's get elbow deep in the latest hot gossip from Elinor Jones and THE TRASH REPORT. This week: The Gwyneth Paltrow defense, Elon Musk makes an ass of himself (again), and... WOLVERINES! (We prefer the one with a six pack.) 😏

20th Century Fox

Walter Cole, Mastermind of Darcelle XV, Has Died at 92

Walter Cole (AKA Darcelle XV) has died of natural causes at age 92. Find out more about Cole's icon status and some of the many ways Darcelle helped make Portland a more accepting place.

Sarah Mirk

The Biggest April 2023 Events to Know About in Portland

No fooling—the first full month of spring brings tons of events across genres to Portland, from Muse to Record Store Day and from The One Motorcycle Show to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm


A lesbian in a 10-year sexless marriage wants to re-spark the connection... but is this a "too little, too late" situation? 

Joe Newton

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