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Gunshot Detection Companies Vie for Portland Contract and a Skeptical Public's Approval

Two controversial gunshot detection companies are vying for the city's approval and a hefty contract... but can they convince a skeptical public?



See how well YOU score on this week's local trivia game featuring terrible city council ideas, beloved dive bars, and (let's celebrate) it's JORT SEASON! 🩳📷🤔


$400 Million Donation From Nike Co-Founder Will Help Rebuild Portland's Albina District

An ambitious effort to reinvigorate Portland’s Albina District is being kickstarted with $400 million from Nike co-founder, Phil Knight.

Courtney Vaughn

Montana GOP Wants to Make Life Hell for Trans People

Montana Republicans have introduced a slew of bills seeking to write trans people out of legal existence, criminalize gender affirming care, and make it easier to be mean to trans kids.

Anthony Keo


Meagan Sky, Corvair new album news, and a live show from DIY instrument band KOKOKO are in this week's music news roundup!


Get Those Tickets NOW for the Devilishly Funny "TWO EVILS" Game Show with Arlo & Kate!

Don't miss the hilariously eeeevil new live comedy game show, "TWO EVILS" with your hosts Arlo Weierhauser and Kate Murphy! Debuts Thursday, and guess what? They'll be joined by a secret special guest comedian! 👹


Let's go, trash pandas! 🦝 It's time to get filthy with this week's hot gossip. Including: Twitter's death throes, falling satellite worries, and Oprah builds the wall! (No, not *that* wall.)


City Reaches Deal With Police Union Over Body Cameras

Following years of pressure, Portland Police have agreed to wear body cameras—and will not be able to review the footage before giving their initial statements when deadly force is involved.

Mathieu Lewis-Rolland

Owners of Sandy Hut and the Alibi to Reopen Another Classic Portland Bar

Warren Boothby and Marcus Archambeault want to return Holman's Bar and Grill to greatness, meal wheel and all.

Mercury staff

Ticket Alert!

6LACK will support his first album in five years on his Since I Have a Lover tour, and fellow Billboard-charting rapper Bryson Tiller also has a Portland stop planned. Here's where to get those hot tickets for these shows and more!


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