Any book by Ann Lovejoy: Lovejoy writes books that are particularly suited to the Pacific Northwest climate, and specializes in organic gardening.

Ty's Tricks by Ty Pennington: This books covers all manner of DIY repair tricks, as well as some pretty nifty interior design "strategies."

Lou Manfredini's House Smarts by Lou Manfredini: The mother ship of a four-book set, Smarts covers everything from the home buying stage to the maintenance stage. Supplement it with Room Smarts, Bath Smarts, and Kitchen Smarts.

The Complete Painter's Handbook: How To Paint Your House Inside and Out--The Right Way by Gregg E. Sandreuter: The title is pretty self explanatory, but there are good book resources that cover both exterior and interior work, so whenever possible, avoid being tricked into buying two separate tomes.

Practical Plumbing (The Motivate Series) by C.J. Smith, B. Corry: If you're set on doing your own plumbing, for chrissakes use a little guidance, and go with God.

Pad by Matt Maranian: Tons of funky, urban ideas for funky urbanites like you. Covers everything from lighting a room for effect to party snack recipes, hangover cures, and houseplants.


Fine Homebuilding: The bible for home construction and repair. /finehomebuilding

Gardens Illustrated: A beautiful magazine that's on top of the newest trends in design. Plus a good horticultural section.

Nest: Lots of strange and inspiring interior studies and ideas packed into shiny quarterly issues. Paste spreads have included the house that Crass retired to and a Pentecostal Hell House.

Elle Décor: A fashion mag for your house, Elle's home decorating off-shoot profiles an international array of designers and interiors.

Family Handyman: Covers a wealth of topics: electrical, plumbing, roofing, building decks/gazebos, painting, wallpapering, cabinetry, drywall, gardening, and energy efficiency.

Home Energy: Keeps you on the cutting edge of technology geared towards top notch state of the art energy efficiency and "home comfort." It provides a balance that guarantees you won't be seeing any spreads trying to guilt trip you into reusing all your Saran Wrap.


Parr Lumber (6250 NE MLK, 287-1136): Where the contractors go; good service and advice--call first for best results. Ladies welcome!

Milwaukie Lumber (10998 SE 21st, 654-5417): A great place to find prime cedar. Look them up if you're working on trim or exterior.

ReBuilding Center (3625 N. Mississippi, 331-1877): A great organization that recycles demolition sites; doors, moldings, frames, appliances, more, more, more!


W.C. Winks Hardware (200 SE Stark, 227-5536): An amazing store. You can bring in any kind of weird screw, and they'll find a match.

Chas H. Day Tool Shop (602 SE 11th, 232-1659): Very good service, and a great place to find heavy-duty tools (not the cheap shit you buy at Home Depot).

Hippo Hardware (1040 E. Burnside, 231-1444): A cornucopia of new and used hardware, moldings, mantles, lighting, and plumbing.

Harbor Freight Tools (1335 N. Mason, 493-2863): An inexpensive place to buy quality tools featuring major brands. A bit on the macho side, so don't go in acting all gay.

Environmental Building Supplies (819 SE Taylor, 222-3881): Natural, recycled, low toxic building products; flooring, carpeting, countertops, cabinets, more!


Portland Nursery (5050 SE Stark, 231-5050): "The healthiest plants in town"; they even offer a guarantee.

Pistils Nursery (3811 N Mississippi. 288-4889): Environmentally friendly, organically grown.

Buffalo Gardens (3033 NE Alberta, 288-0220): Organic soil, supplies, medicinal and garden plants.


Mt. Scott Fuel Co. (6904 SE Foster, 774-3241): Rock, soil, bark, YEAH!

Oregon Decorative Rock (1716 NE Columbia, 289-7407): It ain't cheap, but the service is friendly, and they have a nice selection. When you need just the right rock.


Interstate Rentals (1130 N. Schmeer, 285-6683): Informative staff, and good service when you need a ladder or Rototiller for just a day.

Kennedy Rentals (640 SE Stark, 233-3399): A fun, funky place run by a beatnik who always has a parrot on his shoulder. Lots of good stuff. MARJORIE SKINNER