Stop The Proceedings!

Some two weeks ago, The Mercury called attention to the lascivious manner in which certain young girls and their hoodlum friends acted in those vacant houses near the corner of Ninth and Main Streets. Since then the crowd has changed its quarters, thinking to elude the eyes of our reporters, who are constantly on the watch. Their trysting place is now in the new church building on the corner of 10th and Clay Streets, where they carry on the same actions that will, sooner or later, drive every girl that goes there to the dogs.

The Mercury mentions this matter in order to show the young girls alluded to, who move in respectable circles, that they are watched, and to inform them that a continuation of their proceedings will certainly lead to their being published in this paper in a personal manner. The next time the proceedings of this bevy is observed, they may expect to see their names in print. We have given them good advice in the matter, and it is advice they should heed. Refusing to do this, it then becomes our duty as journalists to see to it, that they do not thrust their presence upon respectability.