The jury has returned its verdict: There will be no Home Depot plopped at the edge of the eastern end of the Burnside bridge. In December, Portland Development Commission (PDC) released plans for the Burnside Bridgehead from three different developers; two of which included big-box stores.

But in February, after residents raised enough objections, PDC sent developers back to the drawing board, asking them to turn in something a bit more homegrown, down-to-earth, and Portland friendly.

Last Wednesday evening, about 250 residents packed an auditorium at OMSI to look at those re-released plans. Reflecting these new parameters, Opus Development chucked its plan for a Lowe's and Gerding/Edlen withdrew its Home Depot, and audience members applauded those changes.

But Beam Construction, the one developer that originally proposed locally-owned business and eco-roofs, continued to outpace its opponents. To present their evolving plans, Beam showed an impressive 3-D computerized tour through the project. When asked by an audience member what considerations the developers had given to Feng Shui of the site, others muddled through their responses, while representatives from Beam reported they had sent one of their lead architects to China to study Feng Shui.

For the next step in the process, on Wednesday April 13, PDC will listen to public comments about the pending project. A final decision on which developer will handle the project is expected in late April. OMSI, 1945 SE Water, 3-7 pm.