Evicting the Elderly

A Tough Summer for Portland's Homeless Women


How dare you! You are not elderly, I am and have been waiting over a year to get into a seniors building. I am outraged at how this man has conned you into writing these stories for he can continue to take advantage of the system set up for the elderly. You act like this is the managements fault. This is a HUD building and goes by their requirements and rules. We fill out a mountain of paperwork to be approved for a senior housing of which there are very few. A fraction of those available for disabled. This as all HUD building only charge 30% of our gross income rent. He knows that they are responsible to pay 30% of the combined rent else where. He is not suppose to be there so they pay less than $200 a month in rent you as a tax paper cover the rest. Both he and his mother have social security so don't make out like she is in the street pan handling for money. Between them they have more money than any single tenant in the building. We all pay 30% that is what HUD is about. I know many people at the Park and that woman & that man violate countless safety, health and HUD requirements. It is a smoke free building & that includes POT - cancer or not. The reason she won't move. He likes to be in the "heart of the downtown". THAT is the only reason. The building and many agencies tried to get them to move else where and he wanted no part of it. Every elderly tenant there would love to have a son/daughter live with them why should this woman. These units are for singles, there are many buildings that the two could move into not downtown and he would have to pay rent. Why don't you look into the son a little more carefully - there is more to the story & his background. Because of your stories the building losses months of rent, and deserving people can not move into this wonderful building because these two are scamming the system. You knew the facts but you wanted to grandstand with your stories. Did you go out pounding the sidewalk to find them a place - of course not. This is all about you trying to dirty up a wonderful company to get yourself a headline. You want to help us? Get more wonderful people like the Schnitzer to give elderly 30% rent home. We don't need the likes of you using us for your self-promotion. No respected reporter would have written a story that they knew to be a lie.