News Sep 20, 2007 at 4:00 am

Sam Adams, Bob Ball, and the Gay Witch Hunt


Wow the slant and tone of this article pretty much sums up the Merc's news rep.
Adams, may well have spoken truth regarding an illegal relationship, however, the denial was extended through the course of Beau’s Portland internship. Sam aggressively dismissed the allegations and thus participated in destroying Bob’s hope for a political career. I believe worse yet, Adams categorized the rumor as based in negative homosexual stereotypes.

Regarding sex, Sam lied about something trivial if legal. Weird (42 + 18 is a bit weird in our culture), but legal, and a non-issue for me. However, in his dishonesty, Sam played a ‘gay-card’ as a public service announcement, this is disturbing and offensive to me as it goes beyond event negation into civic issues for which he has been an advocate and hero. Moreover, his official statement lacks explicit mention of this offense. Adams ought to explicitly apologize to Ball, explicitly apologize to the LBGTH community, listen to his staff, be discreet, stay in office, and work his ass off to re-prove his twenty year civic record. I do not see it as grounds for being outed.

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