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Can Portland Build its Way to Success?

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Here's a glimpse of how the Cordish Company goons will run the new Rose Quarter LIVE! district:…
Cordish is a rotten apple -- a multi-billion dollar global conglomerate -- and inviting these guys to town is bigger mistake than tearing down the Coliseum.
For what it's worth, here's more on club Cordish--…
Wow. You guys were in love with him when he was having inappropriate relations with an underage boy but now he's sparked your ire. I agree this is a horrible plan... similar to others that have failed in numerous cities creating nothing but crime hotspots and drains on local coffers. I'm just curious, if there is a child molester who opposes Adam's development plans, will the Mercury support his campaign?
Who cares about Adams -- i think he pretty much sealed his fate. What's important is PORTLAND's future. Even when Sam is recalled, he may have put things in motion that are too late to stop. Let's not end up like Niagara Falls, Kansas City, Louisville, and the other places that fell for these types of public-land-handover schemes.…
I've seen the mall at Niagara. It's an empty husk, shabby and run-down, especially compared to the much nicer Canadian facilities just across the way. It's easy to tell that it was developed without any sense of scale or local conditions.

It takes a lot more than "bars and entertainment" to spur actual development, and growth, in Portland.

The reason our economy is in shambles is precisely because of this! For too long, growth was equated with construction and the low-wage service jobs that followed. Portland deserves better than this, and it's our responsibility to ensure that we aren't duped into subsidizing neon signs and chain restaurants.
Great, Sam. Just great. Are you really that clueless about what makes Portland so great? What the hell happened to you? Did the "entertainment zone" mall developers promise not to join the recall movement if you gave them what your predecessors have refused to do?

Portland is the only city worth living in. Why are you trying so hard to eff it up?
Let me be first to say goddammit I hate this shit. This kind of BS shows how that boning the barely legal intern is not the most unethical this this Mayer will do. Why don't they work on trying to finish the "Bio tech" capital south waterfront before they crap on another neighborhood.

We have been here before Portland, bit $ for people at the top, everybody else gets crapped on.
If you allow a government to centrally plan a blueprint and vision for your city, then this is what you get, special interest benefiting & politicians pandering to their wants and needs.

Now I have another reason to support the recall. We do not want or need a corporate cookiecutter "entertainment" theme park full of TGI Fridays
The upside is that it will give the bridge and tunnel crowd somewhere to go and I can have my bar back on the weekends.
Don't invite Denver-style development; mooks are not our future. Fred Durst's minions must die.
Dubai= Hookers and Booze for Saudi's and Kuwaiti's
Think about it Portland, think about it.
I love both hookers and booze. I love Dubai!
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