Great Baseball Debate

Lents Discussion Gets Hotter Than Neighborhood Chimichangas


Portland needs a MLB Team, not a MLS Team! MLB draws more fans in the US than MLS. It brings more revenue to a city than MLS. It creates more jobs than MLS. There is room for both MLB and AAA in Portland. Leave the Beavers in PGE. AAA draws the family crowd at PGE because it's fun and cheaper. MLB draws the fans from other cities (hotel, restaurant, shops and parking revenue) and the Portland MLB fan that does not go to watch AAA. Look around, how many MLB baseball caps and jersey's do you see compared to MLS ? No contest! I agree that the AAA park should not go into Lents, it will not generate revenue there. Look at the Chicago White Sox, fans go in and park and then leave the neighborhood...and they even won a World Series! Build a MLB park on the corner of Broadway and Hoyt. Great view of the city and Mount Hood, close to all transportation and the post office just needs to find a new home in an existing building...