We Mean it This Time

Nick Fish and Sam Adams Kill Sit-Lie for Good


Thanks for ignoring many of thousands of people desires to support a loud 400 people. Way to represent. Not it's even less likely people will come here to spend there money.

Forgiving your typo and grammatical error, you still sound like the typical American moron who can't grasp the basic concepts that our democracy is founded on. People like you are the ones who shrugged their shoulders and said, "I don't have anything to hide," while Bush rammed the Patriot Act up our collective asses.

"ignoring many of thousands of people desires to support a loud 400"?

Tell me...do you really think the members of the PBA truly represent the best interests of the majority of citizens? How can you not see the poison rooted in comments like: "How can we change the state constitution?" or "I'm wondering if we've looked at the option of privatizing the sidewalks?" These types of "leaders in our community" will gladly shred our civil liberties just so they can sell you more gum and soda.

Personally, I'm upset that Matt Davis failed to share the names of the PBA members making these absurd suggestions. I'm sure it was an agreement he made with that can of Spam we call a mayor. Had he done so, I'd make sure to SPEND MY MONEY at a different local business and maybe toss the change to someone who's down on their luck.
Good deal, one less tyrannical law in the land.
"there will be no new version of the controversial sit-lie law."


this is BS