Can You Hear Us Now?

Teabaggers Cry Out for Media Attention, on TV


""AMERICANS ARE OUT there, and we're not getting any coverage," said Republican congressional candidate John Kuzmanich to KGW reporter Joe Donlon on the station's live broadcast from Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday night, October 23."

Wait a minute. It's only Wen. night Oct.21st as i type this. Is this a typo, or am i missing something?
Matt Davis does great work!
it's true, there were nearly 2 million tea party protesters in DC on Sept 12. In an unrelated story, on that very same day DC area restaurants recorded the lowest tips for wait staff in 150 years!
Oh, bullshit. QUOTE:

Spokesman Jeffery Reynolds said the group is upset about under-reporting of a Tea Party protest in Washington, DC, on September 12. The DC cops said there were 2.3 million people there, others have confirmed attendance at 1.7 million, said Reynolds. "But all the news networks reported it as tens of thousands," said Reynolds. "That makes us a little bit perturbed."

Ah, but contrast it with this:…

FreedomWorks, the main organizers of the Tea Party event in Washington this past weekend, has dramatically lowered its estimate for the size of the crowd at the event from 1.5 million, a number the group now concedes was a mistake, to between 600,000 and 800,000 people -- though this is still substantially more than the tens of thousands that most mainstream media outlets have estimated, and which FreedomWorks wholeheartedly rejects... The group's revised estimate -- which it says comes from comparing photos and videos from the event to past marches on Washington -- is significantly lower than FreedomWorks' president Matt Kibbe's weekend foul-up, when he announced that ABC News was reporting attendance of 1.5 million. ABC declared that it had reported no such thing. Kibbe has publicly backed off: "With a dead IPhone, I had been shown tweets from a number of different folks behind the stage citing the ABC estimate. They didn't say it. I regret misrepresenting the network, as their coverage that day was fair and honest."


Once again, they have their own facts, and scream that reporting is "biased" whenever it conflicts with their delusions. Whatever you want to call this crap, it ain't patriotic. Just lies. If the "teabaggers" aren't interested in facts here, they're probably not interested in it anywhere else.

And, after insulting the media and claiming "harm" from the "misreporting" the reporter doesn't bother researching or challenging their claim (which comes straight from Michelle Malkin's blog that day, since entirely discredited). Mission Accomplished for the mendacious teabaggers (who don't actually even know what the original "tea party" was actually about -- it wasn't about taxes, it was about tax BREAKS to wealthy buddies of the King.)