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Gresham's Only African American Cop Alleges Discrimination


Shocking - racist, sexist cops in the Portland metro area. I would like to go on record as guaranteeing that this asshole, Jason Justus, will remain on the force and the racism and sexism will continue, relatively unabated. I WILL NEVER SET FOOT IN GRESHAM! Not that the other police forces around here are much better.
I grew up in Gresham years ago and it is very sad to see such a decline...not that it was ever perfect. It used to be, however, be a nice place to raise children, had decent schools, had nice parks, etc. Gresham has lost its identity. It's no secret that city planning in the 1990's is much to blame. Punks like Jason Justus and co. only compound Gresham's negative stigma. My parents, a step parent, and several close relatives were all law enforcement officers. This kind of behavior is inexcusable and cowardly. Sounds like Jason is just another wannabe tough guy with severe insecurity issues.
i would like to point out that these are allegations. Wouldn't it be funny if they were made by someone who happened to be deficient in some areas and wanted to blame shift onto other people.

Maybe the Mercury should print the memo in it's entirety so we could judge for ourselves the tone of the message. Will the Mercury cover it if there's a countersuit for defamation of character?

and what's the difference between sexist and gender discrimination?
Pigs, racism, Gresham... goodness, where to start?
I guess i'll start with this:

Sonata Kerbs should've learned the 1st lesson before joining the police academy: ALL COPS ARE RACIST PIGS. ALWAYS WAS, WILL BE, & THAT WILL NEVER EVER CHANGE, EVER!!!
Kerbs is right, though. NOONE should have to go into any perfession EXPECTING to put up with racist/sexist horseshit from fellow employees. But the undeniable fact is, it's very common for Black cops to have to put up with racist horseshit from their fellow White piggy cops. Just like, every single woman who joins the armed forces - among all branches - can expect to be either raped, assaulted, or buggered in some way by their fellow soldiers. These are all fact & such has been proven study after study, typical!

The ONLY Black officer in the history of Gresham, really?! And how many female officers do they have, 4 or five? Fucking pathetic! Yet another reason why Gresham is a SHITHOLE; their police force is even worse than OURS! Ridiculous...

Jason Justus is a goddamn pig & ought to be fired. Sergeant Chris Wheeler ought to resign - he's simply useless. He's even more useless than Rosie Sizer.
THoughtful insights. Thank you, Damos. Very intriguing rhetoric. Glad you could bring something to the discussion. Excellent use of capitals.
Oh, why thank you. I'm glad you agree.
It's also nice to hear from someone who's apparently been both a Police Officer AND served in (all branches?) of our military, Damos. Thanks for your extensive knowledge.
To the Editorial staff, and Matt Davis,
Your article in the November 5-11th edition covering the alleged discrimination within the Gresham Police Department is not completely accurate. Officer Kerbs was not the first African-American officer (as stated in a previous article of yours,) nor is she the only African-American officer in the history of the Gresham Police Department. You also failed to mention that while the department may only have two African- American Officers, they do employ female Officers and non-sworn support staff of several ethnicities.
I am not trying to take away from the issue at hand, but if you are going to publish articles that could potentially harm the image of an entire department, it is important that you have your facts in order. Please remember these men and women provide a great service every day, and though this alleged incident is unfortunate, it certainly does not reflect the actions or opinions of the department at large.
I repectfully request that you correct these errors, so the public has a more complete, accurate portrayal of the topic, and the hiring practices of the Gresham Police Department. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
*rolls eyes*
@Reality Check: I'm told they hired another black cop the morning after this came out, so it was accurate at the time.
Matt Davis,
No sir. It is correct that they hired another Thursday. However, there is another African-American officer, who has been there a few years now.
And amongst all this nit-picking about whether the Gresham police dept. has one or two Black officers, when he/she/they were or weren't hired, etc. - how does this all make the Gresham cops LESS RACIST?
how does this article make them racist at all?
There's a lot of hatred pouring out in these comments, hatred for people you don't know based on the uniform they wear and the job they do. If that kind of generalization is applied to race, it's denounced as racist, but it's ok in this city apparently to accuse others of racisim without regard for facts. None of you know what really happened here and even if the Mercury printed the entire memo, it would represent only a fraction of the real situation. Comment if you like, but know your just as racist as you assume those you accuse to be if you make generalistic statements like "all cops are racist".
@RC, there are only two African America officers at the Gresham Police Department. One of them is Officer Kerbs and the other is a brand new officer who was just hired recently. Not that it is of issue to this article, or the basis for the complaint made by this officer. This 3rd officer you speak of simply does not exist.

To Officer Kerbs, keep your head up! We are saddened to hear of what you are having to deal with by fellow officers.

Obviously you either have NO idea how cops operate, or you've lived a a sheltered bubble your whole life. I speak not only form personal experience, but a general knowlege of the police & how they act.

And if you're soo "disgusted" with Oregon, why don't you move?
DamosA has a "general knowlege [sic] of the police & how they act." Therefore he is obviously and expert on all Police Officers, Practices, Training, Backgrounds and Attitudes. How else can he claim: "ALL COPS ARE RACIST PIGS. ALWAYS WAS, WILL BE, & THAT WILL NEVER EVER CHANGE, EVER!!!"

I have a general knowledge about how planes fly and bridges are built: Therefore, I'm an expert in Structural Engineering and Aerodynamics. I think DamosA would agree that qualifies me to build bridges and fly the space shuttle.
Looks like another good reason not to go to Gresham. It's tough out there.
@ HogBert

Well i'm sure these pigs are greatful to have such blind defenders like yourself, sir.
I am a 15 year veteran of multiple police departments. You are the one who has no idea what your talking about, either that or you have a very negative and corrosive approach to the world around. I hope that works out for you, but I don't think it will.
@ DisgustedWithOregon

So basically what you're saying is, you're a top-notch PIG who knows ALL the dirty tricks. What is your badge no.?
What was YOUR badge #?
I don't have a badge no. because i'm not a damn dirty pig; i'm just a citizen. But if i were, LEGALLY i would be obligated to relinquish that info. upon request. ALL pigs should take note ov that.
can you quote that ORS for me? thanks.
Officer Kerbs, if your Chief and your department do not stand behind you and FIRE Officer Justus , I will make you this promise. I will forward a copy of this memo to the department that certifies all officers in the state of Oregon, referencing the moral fitness, and hopefully they will remove his certification. As we all know racists do not limit their distain to just one group of people. Everyone that is not white, straight,or are from different religious backgrounds should be very concerned that there is an officer openly expressing his true feelings with no consequences.
You're absolutely right, every single cop out there makes negative, sweeping generalizations of other ethnicities. How could they be so ignorant? I mean, who are they to say that the entirety of another group of people is somehow inferior?
It is short-sighted to base the opinion of an entire organization upon a slur that may or may not have been directed toward Officer Kerbs. Not all cops are racist, not all law enforcement agencies are rife with corruption. Only one side has been presented yet all have surmised that it occured as described in the memorandum. Why has this story not been picked up by larger publications or other news agencies? Could it be that it holds no merit?
You two are right. Not ALL cops are racist, per`say. Just all WHITE cops. How short-sighted of me!