Portland's Newest Joint

Cannabis Café Plans to Open in Northeast Portland


And from yelp dot com:
As another reviewer mentioned, they have gone through some changes in the past few months, including closing down to do renovations. I watched as they filled dumpsters with drywall and various other things, imagining big changes inside the restaurant. When they reopened and looked very much the same, I was perplexed. I asked someone in the neighborhood about it, and they told me that the renovations involved adding small backrooms for "private parties, if you know what I mean," which I didn't. Or at least I didn't want to just go by some rumor. I was told that they were hosting all sorts of fetish and orgy-type after hour parties, thrown by someone called The Dark Lady. I googled both Rumpspankers and the Dark Lady and lo and behold found advertisements for just such events, where guests could "indulge in a sex positive, GLBT, straight, poly, mono, swinger, kinky, vanilla, 18 and older friendly environment while enjoying a tasty meal from Rumpspankers" and enjoy "Safer Sex Supplied Play Spaces Upstairs" in the historic building that also houses a RESTAURANT that already has issues with CLEANLINESS.
Hahahhaha seriously? This is right around the corner from my office. I've been wondering what it was as my bus passes it each day.

Guess it isn't the next place I'll check out as a lunch option....
Martin -- If you must tell tall tales, at least get my name right if you're going to tell them about me.

It's Darklady.

While you're getting that right, consider not making up quotes and attributing them to a professional writer. Which would be me. The person who didn't write what you claim.

Thanks so much.
I was quoting an article I read on yelp dot com that was linked to on the Portland Sentinel's website. I am not the author of the above quote. Perhaps I should have made that more clear in my original post.
Wow. Soup house to sex club to pot cafe.

Were you high when you wrote that business plan? Oh right...
how long before the gangbangers stick this place up and harsh some serious mellows?
I'd like to know why Rumpspankers couldn't find a space in a larger retail area of the city? This is a very small business district in a largely residential area, and now one of the main buildings is inaccessible to the community that lives there. First a bug-infested cafe, an after-hours sex club and now this? WTF?