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Conservatives Close in on Second Mayoral Recall


It seems like a recall effort using paid signature gatherers could do without a 'volunteer coordinator'. Somehow I doubt it will be an unpaid position, looks like Jasun is getting compensated for his previous efforts.
siiigh... & when this latest effort is tossed out on it's butt, the teabaggers will try & put forth a 3rd effort. Meanwhile, nobody cares except [literally] a handful ov obsessed lunatics & the business ov the city continues as usual...
The other day I heard that Wurster is broke and looking for a job.

All need to keep the pressure on that bumbling fat little homophobe for what he did to our city and Sam Adams. It is all of that little republican baby Bill Sizemore wanna-be has-been's fault that we have not moved on. Good job Matt and littlebeirut for calling bullshit on him.

Good luck getting a job Wurster. I hope you live a long life working a crappy job at the bible superstore.
WOW! - Is it possible Matt for you to show any more bias in this article? - Cannot possibly see how your pontifications should remotely be in the "news" section.
According to a past girlfriend, "Wurster comes up short and is a failure in other areas as well". He acts all nice in public but is really a closet arch conservative. Years ago he was in bed with the police ratting people out at critical mass rides.
@ Grouchy Adam

Why so grouchy? If you can't tolerate living in a city with a Gay mayor, you can always move to Silverton. NO, WAIT!
So now Jasun doesn't want to talk? It seems like he's spent months telling people to call him and listen to his arguments. How about next time you ask him what its like to be involved with a campaign being run by known homophobes?
Don't get me wrong; I don't support Adams because he's gay. In fact, I hate gay people. It's just that I love terrible, terrible mayors, and frankly, I think he's the one that can take Portland into a new level of awfulness. It's like someone let their toddler play SimCity:

"Honey, that bridge is collapsing. Don't you think you should fix it? Wait, did you just click the 'buy soccer team' button?"
@grouchy adam
I don't think the Portland Mercury pretends to be unbiased; they're pretty unabashed about it, which is nice, because you know where they stand, and can you can read other publications to get the other side of the story.
Fuck you critical Mass. Fuck you Kevin Manix. Fuck you Jasun Wuster.

But mostly Fuck you Sam Adams. You could have been good for Portland but now, because he could not leave a teenage piece of ass alone, Randy Leonard is running the city (into the ground).

I'll vote yes on recall not matter who is running. It's not about the scumbags running the campaign, and the are scumbags. IT'S ABOUT THE SCUMBAG MAYOR.