Greener than Thou

Would-Be Governors Face off on Environment


I'm wondering where the John Kitzhaber of the 1990s went. Seems to me he's unwilling to take any stands in the hope that people will simply assume he'll be good. He wasn't so reticent in the 1990s.
Is it me, or did Kitzhaber not actually answer a single question posed?
hmmm. eam i think you're right! unless my eyes deceive me, i think Kitzhaber would do more business as usual than good for our state.
Doc. Kitzhaber is needed to operate on injured Blazers not run again for Gov. office. You read here, him flip-flopping on LNG and that leads to a sell out of our resources. Kitzhaber is too familiar with selling out Oregon natural resources. Go Bill Bradbury in 2010.