See Ya at Da Party, Richter

Total Mayoral Recall May Launch This Week


Teabaggers and fundies on one side, and a comedically-incompetent mayor on the other. Oh what to do.
Huh? Wouldn't a "Recall Recall" be a recall against the last failed recall? And "Recall 2.0" would be a social networking site for old people who can't remember stuff? And "Total Recall" is a great movie that you're totally soiling by associating it with this mayoral recall. I reject all of the dubs!
What about rerecall? Or we can call the old recall 'Recall: The Prequel', and this one just recall.
Or maybe we can change the story altogether and make it a buddy pic.
They are also recalling 1.2 million pounds of pepper-coated salami. Coincidence? I think not.
The clearest metric that the mind set of small town politics thrives and is sustained in the back room, closed-door, deal making of Portland's ole boy political elite is that governance is performed (inexpertly) through damage control and crisis management. Sam learned his brinkmanship politics OJT as Vera Kraft's mentee. So Sam has been solely schooled in precious Portland's frontier ideology. BTW: Running a slate of unskilled 'social agenda' candidates (with the possible exception of the Evans woman running for Fishy's seat) as coattails of the Obama's change agenda is no better. Watching politics-in-play in Portland Oregon is like watching bloated gold fish swimming in murky yellowed tabletop bowls - careening off the bowl’s sides and bumping into each other.