Ducking the Issue

Is the Dirty Duck Really Worth Preserving?


Well, it's certainly better looking than the Memorial Coliseum.
you know what would have been way better with this story than 2 copies of a drawing of the University of Oregon mascot on rabies, maybe an actual photo of the building/neighborhood!
Let's not forget Greg Sage had his studio in the Dirty Duck building back in the 80s.
Some great Wipers material was recorded there.
Reason enough to preserve it!
It is not only the Dirty Duck building that will be demolished , but also the historic building housing the Blanchet house that must be demolished. There is no end to the list of historic buildings waiting to be demolished in total agreement with the PDC and the neighborhood association. The listing of Old Town Chinatown as an historic distirct is a joke!! I can name 6 buildings of less than 30 waiting to be demolished with the PDC blessing. This is just the tip of the iceberg and beginning. Say good bye now to this area. A few token buildings will be left. All our city money is being used to destroy the last character of this unique area. There is no reason to fight it. It has been the works for years, and one is looked at as a freak or "outsider" if you dare to question the historic content of the buildings in question. Please bid farewell to the Grove Hotel, the Godman building, the Blanchet House, the Dirty Duck building, etc. etc. Our landmarks commission and city commissioners watch like a Greek chorus, bemoaning, but doing nothing. The whole area should be taken off the historic district lists of the United States by decertification. It makes a mockery of the entire listing throughout the nation. Gabe Sheridan