Gearing Up

How Will the City Fund its $600 Million Bike Plan?


It appears Sam is so upset that Dan Saltzman upstaged him with a real funding proposal that Sam's own bureau is recommending against the only real ongoing money for the the plan. Offense at process and the fact that Dan had a better idea has Sam opposing money for one of his priorities? Wow. Vanity over substance...shocking.
Goodbye school funding. Your budget is about to be raided. Again...
20 years seems so ambitious. I guess the funding for bicycle plans are way cheaper than most of the other public transit projects. Its just the matter of building bike lanes with safety in mind. I know plenty of coworkers that will bike and max to work if they build more bike lanes.
I definitely agree they should fix and rebuild some of the major bike lanes. Like the one on broadway and north william. It is unsafe for us bicycle commuters to go from downtown to north and northeast portland to make the turn. Not to mention the aggressive drivers coming and going from a blazer game.
I suggest adding a biking licensing/taxing fee just like they do on cars. Then we could also ensure that bikers have the proper lights and gear on their bike for safe travel. I just about got hit walking across the street last night by two bikers with no lights and no reflective gear.

If bikers really want this - then put your money where your mouth is.
As a bike commuter, I really don't see the need for so much spent on bike plans. $600 Million? Really? I don't want to seem ungrateful, but WTF? Does it really cost that much to close off a few neighborhood streets to cars and clean up a few intersections?
@ fandango, I second this suggestion - it needs to happen if were going to "share the road" in an even greater manner.
With the electrification of everything in the next 20 yrs. is it really necessary? The only benefit of continuing to ride to work or elsewhere will be for health concerns. Biking is great and fun, but not worth that much money. Plus, riding without dodging cars seems, seems boring.
maybe we can teach police officers not to shoot people with all the extra money.
Why does everyone care so much about biking? Please just build it. More bikes=cheaper health care=more parking=cleaner air=more tourism=more money... it is in everyone's best interest to encourage biking. Also, Oregon needs to adopt a sales tax, because schools should not be fighting against bikes lanes.
I'm with Pollo on the school funding raid. You know it's gonna happen. I'm a bike commuter, but i think the funding estimate for this plan should be slashed by two thirds. Our public schools are in desperate need of resources, physical upkeep and teacher retention.

The school issue doesn't seem to matter to bicyclists who didn't grow up here and don't have kids in the school system. BTW, my daily commute from Brooklyn to the airport via Sandy could use some upgrading...