"I... I Was Scared."

Police Reports Provide Detail in Officer Shooting


So ofc. Walters was 'scared', huh? Funny, i wonder how a startled Jackie Collins felt in that moment... right before he was shot to death 4 times?

Gee, that reminds me - i wonder why James Chasse ran away from the cops back in Sept. 2006? Was it b/c he was commiting a crime? Or might it have been b/c Chasse was ill & afraid that the cops would KILL him?
Oh please. If Jack Collins was really that scared, he wouldn't have been walking at a cop, bloodied up, with a razor in his hand.

I'm no cop lover, but damn. The people trying to defend this homeless guy are reaching awfully far into the ridiculous just to try to condemn this cop for defending himself. Sure, maybe this cop could have further risked his life while trying to subdue this guy, but what makes this homeless guy's life worth more than the cop's? The cops are people too (... there are some obvious exceptions, this guy doesn't have a track record of wantonly destroying people that I know of).

Just because some of the cops are psychopaths doesn't mean all of them are. In fact, it's a very small minority that is making things difficult for most of them. The ones who are repeat offenders, obvious problems, need to be taken care of. But this guy was justified, there was someone coming at him with a knife, and anyone coming at a cop with a knife had DAMN WELL EXPECT TO GET SHOT.
Spoken like a true cop lover. Case closed.
Why, because you say it's closed?
Even if I was a cop lover, how is that 'case closed'?
Someone needs to get over themselves...
Have any of you morons considered that this bum wanted to die? Pulling a knife on a cop (and refusing to drop it) is not the road to longevity. Sixth graders grasp this concept. Right or wrong that is reality. The sky is blue, water is wet, and cops will shoot you if you pull a weapon on them. The term "suicide by cop" exists for exactly this type of situation. Save your sympathy for people who deserve it.
"Someone needs to get over themselves..."

I'll certainly say. Perhaps YOU can start...
@Clem, I have brought that point up before, I agree with you that people do not seem to be grasping this possibility
@Mollymaverick, excellent points, but don't bother arguing with assclowns. As we all know everything is a conspiracy and it makes total sense to compare to completely different cases and come to the same conclusion.....wait, no it does'nt. DamosA is an asshat, I have witnessed his drivel on these blog comments several times.
@DamosA-you are an assclown.
I guess cops don't know what x-acto knives are.