"Criminal Aliens"

Immigrants' Fingerprints Are Now a Fast Track to Deportation


How to solve the immigration problem.

1) E Verify
2) Charge all employers found employing persons illegally with adding and abetting and revoke their license to operate.
3) Fix the H1B visa system that creates indentured servitude by not allowing immigrants to work for whichever employer they chose.
4) Fix USCIS. There is no reason to wait 2 years for immigration proceedings. There is no reason why a clear answer of where a case stands can be given.
5) If you are here illegally, return to your country and apply for proper documents.

If I could wait over a year and a half to be reunited with my wife after we had been together for 2 years overseas thank to USCIS foot dragging, they can make the hard decision to return to their home country.
It amazes me how the anti-immigrant movement can't really see the other side. Really, do you think it's that easy, if it's even allowed, 'to apply for proper documentation'?? NO THERE IS NOT! Also, it's easy to say that they should allow only legal immigrants. Of course it's easier. They are not starving in their home country trying to 'better' themselves. Ignorance is bliss my friend! If you go back to your grade school and relearn the history of this country and how it was built, you'll have some knowledge who this country is for.
Deport now! It's too late for apologies. Get rid of these thieving law breakers. They are all thieves by the fact that they are here ILLEGALLY. My wife immigrated here, followed the rules, paid a lot of money, ASSIMILATED and got her green card. Apparently it was all for nothing. Looks like all she really had to do was just cross the border and pretend not to understand English.
I am expecting a refund form Mr. Hopey-Changey for all of her expenses plus the $7800 for our child's birth costs. If we said that she was an ILLEGAL Hispanic we wouldn't have had to pay anything.
Why is driving without a valid driver's license, in your mind, not a serious offense? To get a license a person must pass an exam that shows he/she has basic knowledge of traffic laws. Low score=no license. Driving a vehicle without the proper level of competence can be deadly. Having a license allows the state to screen out those who are not competent---without subjecting each one to on-the-spot evaluation. Foreign travelers to the US normally can get an international driving Permit which is recognized by UN treaty.
We need to document all the undocumented, then we can issue work visas, deportation orders, etc... We need to solve this mess that the politicians in Washington DC haven't fixed out of fear of the political backlash. I am sure many workers would travel back and forth from their home countries just to work seasonal jobs but who are now trapped on this side of the border because of political cowardice keeping them from having the documents to work a agriculture job.
Why aren't Oregon police officers allowed to question someone's immigration status?
Deportations will not solve the crisis with the immigration system, and speeding up the rate at which deportations happen, as "Secure Communities" does, will not help this countries economic problems. The government is spending more money on deporting the people that allow us to have affordable food grown in Oregon and provide services that make our businesses cost effective. They often do pay taxes, such as Social Security, which they never take back out of the system. Oh, and they are the largest growing consumer market. Why are we trying to enforce a system that doesn't work? Lets fix the system, and enforce the one that works.
When you learn about confirmed incidents of illegal alien activity list them and their bosses at http://illegalalienreport.com. The site is formatted to be very search visible so people looking them up in the future could get a heads up about illegal aliens in their midst.
I just created a system for documenting illegal aliens. When you hear of a confirmed sighting just go to http://illegalalienreport.com and add them to my tracking database. This way people searching for them online in the future will get a heads up that there may be an illegal alien in their midst.
Chill out Gringo...I'm Legal.