Meet the Queer Patrol

New LGBT Foot Patrol Will Work with Police


A class on how to defend yourself in a 'hairy situation' may be better suited for crimes like this. But their heart is in the right place and I like that.
I don't see how colaberating with the police will do ANY damned good for the Queer community. Racism, sexism, & homophobia utterly defind the PPB!
To 'libertarian' for me.

Who do you expect them to call when they apprehend the perpetrator of a hate crime?
Or are you suggesting setting up a court system and prison in the back of the Red and Black?

If you pay taxes you should be working WITH the police and FORCING them to do their jobs.

Sitting on the sidelines while other people enforce the laws (that where no doubt voted on while you sat on the sidelines 'doing your own thing' and looking fashionably uninterested) sounds like a repeat of the back to land movement drop outs of the 60's and 70's. Take a trip down to Southern Oregon and tell me how that worked out for the hippies down there. When you give up the reins and walk away ...there will be someone that takes over.

The PPB isn't going to disappear if people opt out of the feedback process.

I've lived in Texas for more years than i care to remember and am VERY familiar with the 'guvment is corrupt so less jus pretend it don't exist and/or quit payin taxes' line of reasoning.
Are they going to use pink feather boas instead of handcuffs to hold a subject???