Phoning it In

Do We Finally Have Closure on the Chasse Case?



"Do we finally have closure on the Chasse case?"

The answer to that is clear & obvious. Not only will the three pigs who murdered James Chasse - Chris Humphreys, Kyle Nice, & Brett Burton - NEVER be held CRIMINALLY liable for the sadistic beating death of Chasse, but they all STILL REMAIN COPS! So to speak of "closure" regarding this is obscene, to say the least. Chasse's murder should've been treated as a criminal case from the very beginning. This pigs were all standing over his body making fucking jokes, joking on their radios. They DENIED him medical treatment at the murder scene. Chasse was [further] denied medical treatment at jail. The list of felonies & Civil Rights abuses go on & on & according to Tom Steenson (now representing Aaron Campbell's family, i understand) what we all KNOW is only the tip of the iceberg!

How many tens of millions of dollars has been spent in this case - not just this final settlement, but prior settlements paid out by Mult. Co., & ambulance co. that should've treated Chasse, the millions the city pissed away denying, stalling, & delaying this case for years, etc.? Yet, these three pigs still remain cops - WTF, how!?
Hell forbid Johannes Mehserle were a Portland cop instead & had shot an innocent, hand-cuffed, un-armed citizen in the back point-blank on a MAX platform - that fucking pigs would be walking around in uniform to this day! We need to take some lessons from Oakland. I thought WE were suppose to be the "progressive' ones.

And as far as Mayor Adams having strep throat - eh, i dunno. It's probably true. I just know that like ear infections, strep throat is typically something you grow out of. Though adults do sometimes come down with a genuine case, however uncommonly. Timing was sure nice [on his part].

Its nice to know that my tax dollars are being used to buy cops the right to kill with impunity. If we are paying this blood money, we should have full access to the information in these reports.
"If we are paying this blood money, we should have full access to the information in these reports."

Might i add, it shouldn't take 3 freakin' years to have them either.
A recent amendment to the protective order means that most documents that people will be interested in will soon be available to the public. Steenson will hold a press conference and release some information later this month.
Please tell me at least Chis Humphreys is no longer with the PPD, that man is a sadistic, murdering piece of shit.
The documents and depositions have been released:…
I'm glad to learn that Mayor Adams didn't let this tragedy diminish his sense of humor.