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After Decade of Cuts, TriMet Pitches Tax to Fix Up Bus Service


why are there no privately funded advertisements on the buses (inside)? every other city i have been to sells ad space to drive revenue.
bus riders are not under attack; that's just hyperbole. but Trimet has no clue about how to run a business. retailers don't prosper by getting rid of product choices & raising prices: they cut prices, offer more & better, and work to improve what customers might get. TM has never understood this. they are right: we need buses & trains. but we need TM to figure out how to run a business, not run it into the ground.
TriMet has a unique and interesting ads policy. I wrote an article about it in April, so check it out:…
I heard that TriMet was planning to pay for the new Milwaukie light rail budget hole using future operation funds. Is that true? I'm pretty horrified if so. TriMet is already in the process of cutting service frequency past the point of being appealing to anyone who has any other option, so stealing yet more money from transit operations in the future sounds like a death sentence for buses.
12 year tri-met user. This is the first year I've cut back my use of the service. I won't pay more for a service that has less options. I'm planning on biking/walking much more this next Sept '10-Sept '11.
Light rail is too expensive to pencil and has ended up with cuts to bus services in many cities. I know in Los Angeles and San Francisco the NAACP filed suit against the providers for cutting bus service to poorer minority areas while expanding expensive light rail to more wealthy areas. Add to the mix the 10 year property tax exemptions given to wealthy property developers in order to get then to build on the MAX lines and you see what a mess the light rail has made out of Portland remember those property taxes that are not being paid would have helped fund schools and firemen. It looks like Mr Blumenauers friends get a lot of great exemptions and contracts and he gets great campaign donations. We get the shaft.…
When will TriMet Quit taking away services with out making what service they do have more efficient.

the ability to go short distances, quickly and efficiently, is heavily compromised when buses arrive at a stop within a 5min span. ie: the #12,#19.#20, starting from sandy and 15th to and thru the downtown area, arrive and depart almost on top of each other.

Situation: I live at ne.couch and 8th and all i have to do is get to w.burnside and 6th at 7:30pm but all 3 buses are running within 5mins of each other, 7:04,7:09,7:10 with a 30min wait till the next set of 3 buses, and these times are not the only times that it happens, it happens thru-out the day, during peak hours and early ones, putting many people in a “waiting mode” and increasing the time to travel via the public system 3x

Solution: Stagger the buses to arrive/depart every 10 mins then, we the inner city residence people, would be able to get around much easier, quicker and with out the worry of individual schedules ...I would know that there is a bus going into town every 10 minutes.... I have experienced this problem more then once not only on this route but also on powell going into downtown and ended up walking thereby not buying a bus ticket and i am not the only one .....can you say MORE REVENUE

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