Pray for No Earthquake

With New Sellwood Bridge, Anything's Better


"it's worth noting that a 2009 study from the Inavero Institute found 89 percent of cyclists
also own cars."

Could the same be said about motorcycles? So is this a reason to stop charging registration fees for motorcycles?
Jota, it could be an argument for charging vehicles in proportion to their impacts on streets, public health, the environment, etc. That would make sense to me.
How is it we can rebuild the 4 lane Hawthorne bridge for $22 million, celebrate its as an icon when it reaches 100 years, and not significantly alter its structure and everyone is happy. Yet the 2 lane Sellwood bridge, 18 years newer than the Hawthorne, requires a complex $330 million replacement? Does anyone understand the value of money anymore?
Come on, the Hawthorne bridge wasn't replaced, it was "refurbished". Basically they widened the sidewalks and repainted it. The Sellwood bridge is literally falling apart, so a brand new bridge will be built, which costs more money than new paint.
You could easily convert Tacoma back to four lanes by removing the planters/dividers (installed for "traffic calming) or by condemning one row of homes a mere six blocks. Given the anti-car zealotry, the Sellwood Neighborhood will instead choose another 100 years of traffic congestion and aggressive drivers.
"condemning one row of homes a mere six blocks."

Yeah, whatever. No big deal. It's just 6 blocks of homes.
Yeah, as long as Bruce doesn't own one of those condemned homes.......
Speaking of shitty, this is a shitty article, Sarah Mirk.
A lot of the eastbound backup is caused by people turning left right after they get off the bridge, and westbound traffic blocking them. Why not install a light there to stop the westbound traffic for long enough for the few east-bounders turning left to get through?