Nickel and Dimed

Where's the Outrage over TriMet's Bus Cuts and Five-Cent Fare Hike?


Now that Trimet gets an extra 50 cents outta my weekly bus passes, barring total economic calamity, i don't want to hear any more bitching from Trimet about how fucking broke they are for a long time.
As a journalist you should always state what acronyms stand for. You told us what BTA and STOP stand for, but not OPAL. OPAL stands for Organizing People - Activating Leaders.

Good reporting. I joined OPAL at their rally. The BTA has no sense of social justice, they do very little for low income people regarding Transportation.

No doubt the BTA will support Sam' Adams. About 70% of his transportation wish list is spent on a Lake Oswego Streetcar! WTF!!! Where is the outrage?…

The BTA hosts a yearly $100 dinner and they don't let local activists put bike and transportation events on their calendar. The BTA will cozy up to any project if there is some mention of bikes, even if the project has terrible results like pollution for low income people. Case in point, the $4 billion CRC project, it's building more lanes behind the traffic jam on I-5 Southbound every morning. All those extra bridge lanes mean more neighborhood short cuts to downtown, or creating a 10 lane I-5 by 2020.

The Mt. Hood freway would have been possible if they had just added a bike lane and a potential for streetcar. The BTA would have said we better join them if we can't beat them. I hope OPAL can build membership and avoid the sell out path taken by the BTA.
Sarah, it would have been interesting to read how OPAL would respond to your question.
OPAL's next meeting: Sept 14 2010 6pm-8pm
Lifegate Baptist church
208 SE 148th(on Burnside MAX blueline or #20 bus)Portland OR 97233
"OPAL's next meeting: Sept 14 2010 6pm-8pm
Lifegate Baptist church"

Why would it be held at a Baptist church? Seems like this would exclude alot of people.
I have an Idea!... first we get two planes and... k wait this ascii art best describes...

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Yea why a church?The satan worshippers wont attend.How about a public park to draw more interest.
A public park wouldn't be such a bad idea, actually. WHY NOT a public park?