Violent Truth

Domestic Violence Killed 49 Oregonians This Year


All the risk factors for DV, and the risk factors for *those* risk factors, are on the rise: joblessness, stress, drug abuse, etc. Violence is an assertion of power, and those suddenly unable to make a living feel very powerless. The need such a one can feel to assert some control over something/one-- ANYthing/one-- is very strong.

Also, not every abused person is a woman. Even though most are, the "vagina=victim, penis=perpetrator" model is ultimately counterproductive.
There is definately a loss of compassion in the states these days. Anger is running amuck.Some people perpetuate anger with attitude.Bring the nose down from the sky and feel whats real.There is a struggle going on.Don't encourage rage and anger for kicks or the mighty dollar.I wonder what Amousa can add to this.