America's Next Homeless Star!

Laugh Now, But One Day it Might Be You


Very well written. But you forget the ending. (Ted Williams)
Dave, Good story and it gets the point across that we who are homeless ARE like everyone else in many ways. I've been homeless here in Baltimore Maryland for a few years now and write a daily, (almost), blog, , about my life, my thoughts and observations, and some of the amazing people I have met on this journey, who have been both on and off the streets. I try to preach that homeless does NOT have to mean derelict and when I used to panhandle I would hear daily..."You're too clean to be homeless!!". I too have had media exposure, in the Baltimore Jewish Times, (Feb 19th 2010---Homeless But Not Helpless), Baltimore Magazine, (March 2010--Man On The Street), both of which can still be read online, and on Fox 45 TV, ( Stories=Dave's Daily Drama). Some of the things others are amazed at, to me, are simple survival methods. We on the street come in all flavors and styles, yes there are the mentally ill and the junkies and alcoholics, but I met many,many more of those folks in the rooms of NA and AA who work and have homes too. Anyone can end up on the street quite suddenly, and not all have the coping skills to deal with it and are preyed upon by all types of parasites, some homeless, some not. Anyway I've rambled enough, thanks again for the editorial and the enlightenment, I hope that some of the loud mouth types will get it.
Dave Cluster
Remember......"If You're Not Part Of The Solution......You Just May One Day Be Part Of The Precipitate!
Hi, my name is Scott and I am a local PDX homeless success story.

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