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Another Agency Sides with Dismissed Cop Trying to Get Badge Back


this is utter madness that they'd even consider giving this dupe his job shows that the State's DPSST is still staffed and headed by rightwing fundaloonies that old John Minnis brought on board while he ran the organization into the ground with his silly rightwing attitudes and notions...that ought to be viewed in the same light as him>>>a goner done in by his own disregard for the law he was suppose to uphold and BTW has he paid that big fine he owes the State of Oregon??? Common Sense dictates that he surrounded himself with like-mined rightwing fundaloonies and it is they who are carrying on BUSINESS AS USUAL with this crowd... we'll not have police reform in Oregon till we go in there and take names and kick asses (out the building and on into a retirement) being damned and done with 'em one time for all time...this is a total travesty of justice to have this jerk of a PoPoMoFo back on the PPB's list of "active" rogues...let's band together and make such as outrage that even these rightwing nutters will reconsider and back off with such stupidity...
"If you train a police officer to do something & he does it... you can't fire him".

Ok, i seriously doubt that they train cops at the academy to gun down un-armed people in the back. What a miserable piece-o-shit Frashour is - he MURDERED someone in cold blood & he's fighting to get his job back so he can have the opportunity to do the same again, WTF! The lousy pig should be facing murder charges, both him & officer Ryan Lewton! And state analysts Eaton & Anglemier both have their heads up their asses if they conclude that "maybe" that last two categories that DPSST look at when considering whether to strip a cop of his certification may apply to Frashour. Anyone who may not be a "law enforcement analyst" but otherwise has common goddamn sense can plainly see in this case that ALL FIVE categories aptly apply!

Frashour was DISHONEST when he lied & claimed that Aaron Campbell had a weapon or thought he had a weapon, when he & all those other pigs knew good 'n goddamn well that Campbell was un-armed.

Frashour was INCOMPETENT when he failed to communicate with other officers & just blindly followed Lewtons' lead [when Lewton shot Campbell with five beanbag rounds].

Frashour MISUSED HIS AUTHORITY when his took it upon himself to fire at Campbell, deciding to play 'executioner'.

Frashour showed DISREGARD FOR THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS the moment he regarded Campbell as less than human, which sounds alot like his misuse of authority, anyways.

And Frashour showed GROSS MISCONDUCT which seems to pretty much cover all of the above.

Nevermind that this pig already has a history of conducting himself the same way, even prior to Cambells' murder. He's soo fucking obviously one of those "problem cops" we often hear about. And since he won't be facing criminal charges of murder, he should at the very least never be allowed to act in law enforcement again, anywhere! He should have his certification yanked permanently & denied U.I. benefits - being that he was FIRED 'n all. If this pig is allowed to get his job back, then i really hope shit hits the fan!
Portland Police officers must have a annual performance review added in the union contract. If a arbitrator has no performance review on file, the Portland Police officer will always get his job back.

Just try to get anyone on the Portland City Council to even talk about a Police officer annual performance review.

Find a city the size of Portland that has no Police officer annual performance review. I have not been able to find a city in the U.S.A. with out a Police officer annual performance review.

Until the Voters, vote for a change of the Portland City Council,
lives will be lost due to a few bad Portland Police Officers. We have many good Portland Police officers that will tell you it would be nice to have a Police officer annual performance review.

Should we the voters, vote to add a Portland Police officer annual performance review to city code, to force the hand of the Portland City Government?