The Wrong Tools for the Job?

No Easy Fixes in Report on Mental Health Treatment


Remember when Mayor Sam Adams called Cascadia on me and Denis Theriault chose not to write about it? The mayor needs someone to call Cascadia on him for all his self destructive and abusive behavior. People are crazy right now cuz the world is hella fucked up...and the powers that be (government and media) perpetuate the bullshit. Yes even you Portland Mercury.
The solution is actually quite simple, cut out the middle man (the county) and have providers contract directly with Oregon Addictions & Mental Health. It would lower liability risk, increase accounting tracking, simplify confusing contract laws and create a more manageable, less costly system of administration. Multnomah County has had the chance to bring its practices up to legal standards and has refused to do so for over a decade. The only way to reform this mess is to rescind the contract they have with the state!