Tough Luck

Oregon Lawmakers Are Saddled with a "Tough on Crime" Measure They Never Wanted


Crime Sells.
What I want to know is how do I get a pedophile cop arrested in Oregon? The Portland police cover up 911 calls I make and the Oregon State police want me to surrender evidence to them but they don't want me as a witness!

After I report a crime a law officer commits the authority's pretend after the fact that it is not reported!
Crime statistics in Oregon is a joke when authority's cover up their own crimes by pretending it's not reported!

I have received death threats from authority's telling me their going to kill me and that I am going to "see it!" and no one cares everyone pretends nothings wrong!
When authority's flat out cover up 911 calls citizens make then there is no law in this state, just a bunch of Nazi like psychopaths doing as they please!

Authority's pick and choose what law they will enforce and what laws they will ignore, and there is no one to report it to that cares when authority's themselves break the law.
Have you ever noticed how when a cop is accused of a serious crime they don't stand trial?
They just quit their job and then they transfer to another jurisdiction and continue to be a cop!

That is how all cops are protected from prosecution, they simply quit and transfer and bam their on a clean slate all over again!
I caught two cops molesting a under age teenager and I cant get them arrested even though I pressed felony charges on them!

There is nothing worse than a pedophile cop because no one with a badge will arrest them!
Clearly to take away more rights...Right? Who care's? Because obviously you can sell your hack rap c.d. and if someone does not want it you CAN STICK YOUR FINGER IN THEIR CHEST. That should be standardized, you dont walk into MY shop, I will verbally harass and assault you with my pickin finger...
"women are more likely to commit property and drug crimes than violent crimes, the new sentencing laws will have a particularly harsh impact on them." How is this for an idea. Don't commit crime in the first place!!!