Repaving the Way

Out with Old Pavement, In with Public Spaces


And don't forget the awesome pocket park on NE 13th and Holman that the City is expanding INTO the street, closing it for cars but leaving a 12 foot path for bicyclists and pedestrians. They broke ground a few days ago - it's a construction zone now but it should be done within two months. Love it!
Under the paving stones, the beach! Tear it all up.
I'm a 6 of 10 for the Ankeny street project. Simply put the 'velvet' ropes bs is BS. I know the Oregon Liquor Control Cartel made some pointless objection or another in order to remain relevant on this issue,but here is why it stinks.

There are bars all over the city with sidewalk seating and no barbed wire separating the patrons from the general public.

bad OLCC, bad. Go away.
I'm getting a little tired of having streets and bridges blocked off for the whim-of-the-week.
At first it was kinda cute, but summertime now it seems you gotta check who wants to get noticed so dearly they must obstruct traffic to do it.
OK, maybe I'm just getting grumpy.