The Ban's in the Bag

Portland Has Trashed the Plastic Bag (Mostly). Oregon Next?


Doing away with plastic bags is all fine 'n good. But it really would be awesome if all the grocery stores replaced their plastic bags with paper bags THAT HAVE HANDLES. Fred Meyers on SE Hawthorne provides paper bags with handles. But for some gosh darn reason, most stores don't - including most other FM locations.
What is fine and good about doing away with something that is recyclable and reusable? Many people reuse the plastic bags for things like bathroom garbage. Now instead of reusing a bag, I have to purposely go buy a plastic bag to use for my garbage and throw away. And yes, they are recyclable. It makes NO sense at all to do this.
I used them to clean up after my dog.
This is yet another feel-good feather for Adam's cap, upping his stock for his eventual move to the private sector.
It's cool, though. I have decided that my St. Bernard is now an "artist" and the mountain-sized dumps that he takes on the sidewalk will be left for everyone to enjoy!
Plastic bags (just not grocery bags) will still be available. There are produce bags, tortilla bags, bread bags, newspaper bags, clothing shipment bags, etc -- those, I suggest, folks use to pick up their dog poo and line their bathroom trashcans. That's what I do! Also, on a side note: plastic bags are NOT recycable curbside in Portland and cost the recycling facilities millions of dollars to clean out of the machines. Let's be resourceful and use reusable bags and re-use other plastic bags where we can!
@ stajpace - I did not say there were curbside recyclable, I said they are recyclable, which they are. Many stores have containers to take them to recycle them. So instead of making the curbside recycling take something that IS recyclable, we should ban it right?? They don't take many plastic, recyclable lids either, shall we ban all those? Let us ban everything that the curbside recycling is too damn lazy to deal with and recycle.
This policy really makes me want to never recycle anything ever again. And guess what, I don't have to if I don't want to. I can throw everything in the garbage if I want. So lets not actually work on getting people to recycle things that are recyclable, but ban them instead.
As long as this idiot ban is in place, I have decide I will put everything that is recyclable into the garbage and all my garbage into the recycling containers.
I re-use the plastic grocery bags to line a small garbage can to clean the litter box. Unless you are cleaning the box immediately after the cat goes, the bread bag, produce bags etc are NOWHERE big enough. I have a life & can't spend my time with these smaller bags hovering over the cat box.