What's Next for Occupy Portland?

Protest Eviction Means New Lifeā€”and New Headaches


Denis, it doesn't take a Jeopardy winner to know that this 'one more week' line of thinking is weak.
And you know it too...
I can tell you for a fact that LOADS of Occupiers were injured; not just three. I have seen people pepper sprayed and beaten with batons repeatedly since the eviction. They might not have gone to the hospital for a variety of reasons. I know several that were treated with our Occupy medical staff, since they do no have insurance, or a way to pay exorbitant hospital bills; another reason why we occupy. At several actions we had recently, the police outnumbered the protesters, who were peaceful, I might add. The police turned violent anyway. People were pepper sprayed while standing on the sidewalk, after OBEYING orders from the police. So, no. WAY more than three of us have been injured, Mayor Adams; get your facts straight. And BTW, lots of very dedicated people were still camping right up until eviction, and the ones who had "left" as you say, were still coming down to camp almost everyday to volunteer, do committee meetings, and go to GA.
Using donations for office space would be a better idea. Get professional. Camping in a park isn't healthy or safe for that long.
psucarrierae, can you more precisely define "LOADS"? Without specifics your statement simply sounds like hype. Most would read it as an obvious overstatement. How is your statement different from any of the cities statements? Oh, let me guess your statement is accurate. Ya, I doubt it.