Personhood Politics

A Fetal-Rights Amendment May Land on Oregon ballot


Stay the fuck out of my uterus's business.
Man, these filthy sneaky-ass christians are always scheming up new ways to FUCK with people!
Alex: Thanks for one of the more balanced articles I've read on the issue. Me personally, I think being against killing babies is sort of like being against slavery or stomping on puppies. Sort of a minimal requirement to be considered "civilized". And a fetus is a baby, is a person. If one denies that he denies science and God given common sense.

One error in your article I'm compelled to point out was your statement that personhood legislation "...would have granted human eggs, from the moment of fertilization..." FYI, (and this is biology 101), the human female Gamete is better referred to as an ovum and not a egg. And upon fertilization it's no longer an ovum, (nor an egg). So these efforts have nothing to do with eggs. I hope you'll continue to follow this exciting political movement!
That's right, sluts! If you try to have sex, you're going to get punished with babies, now get back in the kitchen!

DRM - I'd love to hear your explanation of how "A fetus is a baby, is a person," is "science". In fact, I'd love to hear your definition of science, because I'm getting a whif of cognitive dissonance there! Also, "ovum" is just the latin word for egg. It's the same thing. Ovum sounds cooler, but egg is perfectly acceptable in this context., since this is a blog post from an alternative weekly and not an international science journal.

"I think being against killing babies is sort of like being against slavery or stomping on puppies."

You should do less thinking, you seem to have a hard time with it.
Personally, I'm in favor of slavery and stomping puppies (kittens, too), but against killing fetuses. Abortion is just immoral.