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Like Clockwork, Arbitrator Rules Against Firing of Cop Who Killed Aaron Campbell


This is in no way a first. The City refused to reinstate a driver at the Water Bureau after ordered by an Arbitrator. They refused to honor the arbitrators award regarding the Hurley arbitration... I'm sure there are more, but that is what I have on the top of my head. What would be a first, is if they actually prevailed on one of these appeals. The grounds for overturning an Arbitrators award are extremely narrow, and they are likely to lose. But I guess throwing more resources at this is better than admitting that there is something systemically wrong with the PPB.
There is nothing "systemically wrong" with Portland with the exception that it is run by the Democrats. The City lost at the DPSST decertification hearing, lost at the attempt to deny Unemployment, and then lost at Binding Arbitration. They will lose at the Employment Relations Board.

When that happens, would those supporting this wrongful termination have us believe that three separate State entities, and one of the most respected Arbitrators in this state (all) colluded to protect one municipal police officer? If you do, please add a few more layers of tinfoil to your hat.

The City is going to get it's ass handed to it because it is wrong, period.
Unarmed, murdered man, corpse desecrated post-mortum, etc.

And ALL the fuck we're talking about is whether this PIG Frashour gets his sorry-ass job back?! He should be in JAIL for manslaughter, for fuck sakes! He and the cop who [initially] shot Campbell with beanbag rounds.
Not to muddy the water with factual information Damos, but the Grand Jury didn't quite see it your way.
jarhead, the PPA won at three hearings, and will win at the Employment Relations Board because Officer Frashour did what he was trained to do. Thus, it is not Frashour's fault. Nevertheless, an unarmed man is dead, and that is wrong. I don't think it takes a tin foil hat to agree that unarmed people should not be killed. So, if Officer Frashour is not to blame because he did what he was trained to do, then there is something wrong with the training. I see that as a systemic problem with the PPB.
Yeah, the grand jury was DEAD WRONG. And it's just not MY way we're taking about, here.
I actually sort of agree Frashour wasn't wrong, but NOT for any actual reasons stated in the trial or this article...I believe either the Merc or WW published an article early on citing the actual occurrences of the day. Frashour was following orders. It was the superior officers who weren't properly communicating the situation to him, and therefore he was justified in thinking Campbell had a weapon. But of course the lower person has to take the fall...nobody ever thought of putting the people in charge on trial....
You have a point there, vikmeister19. And i've been arguing this all along. One thing that hasn't been often mentioned in this case is that Frashour didn't merely act alone, but was following OFFICER RYAN LEWTON'S lead - when Lewton shot Campbell in the back multiple times with beanbag rounds. This makes Lewton every bit as responsible for Campbell's death as Frashour. Therefore, at least THESE TWO COPS should've been charged with murder!!! And WHY did Lewton fire beanbag rounds at Champbell, despite the absolute known fact that Champbell had NEVER put up any physical resistance (a direct violation of the PPG's own policy)?

Other officers on the crime scene that night also should've been charged with accessory to murder. LISTEN NOW - i keep emphasizing the word (((MURDER))) not even so much b/c of what Lewton and Frashour did, but b/c of what occurred right after Aaron hit the ground.

Even THEN his life could've been saved. But instead, all the white cops on the scene that night made the decision to LET CAMPBELL BLEED OUT. Here's what i said, responding to this on Think Out Loud on Jan. 30th 2011:

"Campbell was clearly not armed & police knew this. His back was to them when he walked out of his apt. SURRENDERING & his hands were plainly visible. Yet, officer Ryan Lewton shot Campbell in the back with beanbag rounds despite ZERO physical resistance, right after which [ex]officer Ron Frashour used an AR-14 military assault rifle to gun him down in the back - directly following Lewtons' lead. A K-9 attack dog was sicced on Campbell as well. Basically, Aaron was hit with 3 different forms of deadly [or slightly less than deadly] force within a 5 second span. Even afterwhich, Campbell was left to bleed to death, his dead body was hand-cuffed, & paramedics were kept away for over 30 minutes."


This all remains very true.
The taxpayer can no longer afford this POS