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Mayor Wants TriMet to Restore Youth Passes, Free Rail Zone


Why exactly does Sam Adams want to restore the youth passes and free rail zone? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...... fuckin' creep.
Why is it essential that downtown Portland residents need a free ride, but residents in EVERY OTHER SINGLE NEIGHBORHOOD in the TriMet area - whether inside or out of Portland city limits - have to pay?

Why is it essential that Portland high school students get a free ride, but students of EVERY OTHER SINGLE DISTRICT have to pay?

If Sam wants to have his cake and eat it too, he ought to just form a City of Portland Transit District and separate it out from TriMet so that TriMet only serves the suburbs (much how Chicago is set up - CTA for the city, PACE for the 'burbs; or San Diego with MTS for the city and NCTD for the 'burbs). Then he can figure out how to pay for his pet projects without forcing the 2/3rds of the TriMet population outside of Portland to pay for his toys. There are poor folk outside of downtown that need a ride to the grocery store and they have to pay up. There are poor students in Cornelius and Oregon City and Gresham and Tigard and they have to pay to ride.
Shut up dummies. Your crappy neighborhoods at the edge of the city don't generate commercial activity, that's why your crappy neighborhoods don't get free rail. Downtown has the highest rates of traffic congestion anywhere in the city. Less than half of high school students can afford to drive -- giving them a way to move around allows them to stay out of trouble/stay socially engage. If you're asking WHY any free rail program should be restored, you don't deserve to comment on this article, because you clearly don't understand basic infrastructure/transportation problems.

Poor people in Tigard? Is that a joke? If someone makes the choice to live in Tigard (it IS a choice, no one is forcing you) then they can't expect the tax payer to build a permanent steel highway to his front porch. See, people who live in Gresham, Tigard and Oregon Shitty don't pay the same taxes as people who live Downtown. They also pay less for utilities, rent, groceries, etc. and if they still need a free ride to McDonald's then I guess they'll have to make do. Until the "poverty stricken" suburbanites start contributing to the local economy (and the taxes that fund rail) at the same economic level as Downtown Portland, they'll just have to keep driving their trucks.
Wow, the ignorant really show their true colors when their posts lack substance and instead can only insult, swear, bully and rely on hyperbole. BTW, My neighborhood is rather nice, our taxes are very high, we don't drive a truck (ahem, we use public transit because we believe in it and want to support it, and can't afford to drive) and we don't go to McDonalds, we are vegetarian. We, like everyone else in those "crappy" neighborhoods bring our shopping dollars and support the downtown businesses and educate ourselves at PSU. Giving the young students and people struggling to make ends meet, a little help to graduate, go to college, work, and better themselves helps our society and economy and is always a good thing. Next you'll propose building a fence to keep us all out.
You can't afford things, struggling, because your pussy vegetarian lifestyle won't equip you properly for the real world. Here's some free advice. First, eat a fucking burger from Carl's Jr. Second, leave pussy ass close-in SE and last, stop your fucking "poor me" whining. Nothing worse than a man who whines.
I think I must've taken a wrong turn somewhere and ended up at
Um, no one needs a ride from one end of downtown to the other, let alone a free one. Get off your fat asses and walk. And don't give free passes to any high school students. I hate riding public transportation with their obnoxious, rude asses.
Man, if they only had that $57 mil from the aerial tram now.
oh yeeee )
The free rail zone is where the hotels are, which is where the tourists and business travelers are. It's an economic development tool.

I've been living in Portland for 15 years and somehow I always manage to pick a neighborhood one stop past the free rail zone. FML