Students Risk Deportation to Press for Change


I would be unafraid to deport their asses.
Oh shut up frankie. We already know you're a sexist, racist, homophobic dipshit.
Perhaps my comment was snarky, but I'm married to a legal immigrant from another race and have been fighting for gay rights for over 20 years.
You left out child-molesting murderer too.
Hey RACIST SHITHEAD, maybe we ought to deport YOUR White ass back to Europe since YOU'RE not here legally, either! Unless you can rightfully claim no less than 50% Native heritage, that is.
get these leeches out of the US before it becomes a failed state too.
Damn right DamosA, someone please lobotomize these chuckleheads.
DamosA - if your black ass goes to Africa, then my white ass will go to Europe, OK?
How are they leeches when they pay payroll taxes?
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